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Thames Sophrology

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a life-balancing method using easy and practical techniques, for example relaxation, dynamic movement, breathing and visualisation exercises. These techniques aim to create a mind/body experience that allows the release of tension and help develop a positive mindset towards life. Those using Sophrology techniques will soon be able to better manage stress, re-energise, and tap into inner resources in order to get through life’s challenging moments.

Sophrology was created in 1960 by the Neuro Psychiatrist Alfonso CAYCEDO in Madrid, to find alternatives to treatments such as electroshock therapy and insulin coma used to treat depression, in order to allow patients to become aware of their state, and make them more proactive in their own treatment. In his search to study consciousness in harmony, he studied Western techniques recognized by the medical profession like hypnosis, Jacobson's progressive relaxation, "Schultz autogenic training" and phenomenology, as well as oriental techniques including raja yoga, Tibetan meditation and Japanese Zen.

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What are the benefits of Sophrology?

Regular practice allows everyone to get to know themselves better and learn to become more aware of their body and their mind and to gain power over their life, moving away from automatisms and conditioning and the tyranny of daily life.

Sophrology exercises will awake a feeling of vitality and help release tension. They provide a feeling of peace, a physical and mental well-being that will allow you to get out of a state of permanent stress. Sophrology also allows the individual to activate the concentration, the lucidity and the creativity to escape the daily concerns. 

Gradually, the practitioners experience a different way of "being in the world" characterised by a positive attitude towards themselves and towards the surrounding world, able to mobilise  capacities, to boost their own resources and to optimise their qualities of adaptation.

Sophrology is used to overcome any stress difficulties such as insomnia, sport performance, stage fright, exam nerves, fears around childbirth or suffering from a pathology. Sophrology is also recognized as an oncological support care since the implementation of the French 2014 cancer plan.

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Who can benefits from Sophrology?

People of all ages, religious beliefs, social levels, nationalities and history can benefit from the life-long benefits that Sophrology offers.

Practising regular Sophrology helps deal with:

- Stress, burn-out, depression, Management of emotions,

- Lack of vitality, sleep disorders,

- Chronic pains (fibromyalgia, migraines, adverse effects etc.)

- Stressful event preparation (exams, high level sport, performing arts etc.)

- Concentration difficulties or memory problems

- Self-confidence

The sessions are open to all ages and regardless of state of health, and do not require any particular aptitude:

- children from 5 years old
- teenagers
- adults
- pregnant women
- elderly people

Over the course of the sessions, you will acquire various tools in the form of very simple exercises that you can then use in your everyday life in complete autonomy.

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About Me

I am Karine Attia, an advanced Sophrology practitioner, stress and anxiety expert specialised in chronic disease and pain management. I meet clients suffering from stress disorders from children to elderly people suffering from conditions such as  sleep issues, health problems, or who need help with exam preparation, management of performance in sports, stage fright in performing arts etc.

I worked for many years in the investment banking industry, supporting organisations and individuals through times of stressful change in a very competitive environment. After being diagnosed with a chronic disease more than 15 years ago, I embarked onto a lifetime journey of learning how to manage a busy professional career while respecting the limits of my body. Although transcendental meditation and mindfulness helped me cope with my busy mind, it is only when I finally discovered Sophrology that I learned how my body and my mind could work efficiently together. Sophrology taught me the easy, simple and practical techniques I needed in my busy life as a mother of three active boys.

I opened my practice in 2018 after graduating from The Sophrology Academy, based in Ashford, Kent. I am a member of The UK Sophrology Network and of The Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles en Sophrologie (FEPS) as well as The EndoFrance association

I run individual and group sessions upon request in the Buckinghamshire and the Berkshire area either in English or in French. I also offer Skype sessions. 

You can contact me at 07557977058 or at

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One to one session:

1h session £60

5h package £275

Private group:

Group of 4 £20 each

From 5 persons £15 each

Happy Children

Children and Students

One to one session: 

45mn session £50

5h package £225

Private group:

Group of 4 £20 each

From 5 persons £15 each

Group Discussion

Corporates, Schools and Institutions

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote. Group sessions and one to one on site available.

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I had never heard of Sophrology when I was first introduced to it by Karine.  I have struggled with insomnia and poor quality of sleep since being a teenager, and I have tried many different remedies, none of which have proved very successful.  The approach appealed to me because it is non-medicalised, and there are tangible methods I can use that are realistic and which fit easily into a busy life.  It is a great feeling to be taking control of the problem and working in collaboration with Karine to really address the root causes of my insomnia. 

I am not cured of insomnia, but what I now have is the confidence to believe I can sleep and get back to sleep, and I have a range of support methods which really do work.  Now when I wake up in the middle of the night, I no longer feel panicky about not being able to get back to sleep.  Karine has worked with me to ensure I am able to remain calm, and by using techniques such as trained breathing, meditation or visualisation, I can calm myself and trust that I will get back to sleep, which invariably I now can.  I now know what I can do to help myself, but it also feels like I have someone by my side to support me when I am struggling to sleep, and that is very powerful.

Karine has an incredibly calm and empathetic approach; I have always felt comfortable sharing even the most private information about myself with her, and I know that I am in very safe hands.  I truly believe she has a real gift and a lot to offer as a therapist, who can help a wide variety of people with different needs.  I wish I had known about this form of therapy sooner and I would highly recommend the approach, and in particular, Karine.


Having like many other working women a stressful life with kids, work, commute and other things, I worked with Karine to help relieve my stress and manage better my day to day. She gave me excellent techniques to practice out of the main sessions which have really help. With less stress, I had also less migraines and could better cope with everything. I highly recommend Karine if you need some stress management or regain in energy in general. I also really enjoyed the experience.


Karine is a very professional knowledgeable and patient person. She worked with my daughter during her very stressful GSCE year teaching her how to get organised, relax. I saw immediate positive changes within weeks. My daughter went from being super stressed, unable to sleep and worried about all classes to a calm person able to handle the work load throughout the year and also most importantly to relax between revisions sessions. She is now in her final A level year and still using Karine s techniques! I will most likely take Karine next year to help my other daughter who will have to go through the same thing.


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Please give me a call or drop me an email to have a chat about how I can help you 

Marlow Complementary healthcare

11 Liston Court, Bucks, SL71ER Marlow


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“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there's something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus

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